Re-skill to retain ​your ​JOBS!

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India has always been a source of development that has benefited the world. Beginning from the ‘0’ Zero, Plastic surgeries, Ayurvedic medicines, Yoga and Spices, everything has come from INDIA. The latest addition to this list of contribution is our IT professionals. In the past 20 years India has been a major IT back office, coding big releases for an IT companies all over the world.

Then what exactly is making the IT people lose their jobs? The answer lies with people like us, who want the technology updated day to day. As simple as the smart phones we use, we want it updated so we keep getting rid of the old one. So do all the companies want its professionals to be updated.

That is why you need to re-skill to retain our jobs. We’ve exclusively listed few updated trends that you need to catch up on.

Big Data / Apache Hadoop

Big Data is a technology which refers to large or complex data sets which cannot be handled by the traditional data processing software. Apache Hadoop is an open source application framework under which big data sets are processed using distributed storage, computer clusters and commodity hardware systems.
Thanks to various benefits it offers to the businesses, Big Data/ Apache Hadoop has been gaining tremendous growth in the IT world.

Data analytics

The importance of data has grown its branches all over the place. Data Analytics helps businesses in analyzing the available data and categorizing the same in smaller chunks to help identify and analyze the behavioural data patterns to help achieve business goals.

Machine learning

Machine learning deals with “the computer’s the ability to learn without being programmed.” The science of machine learning is based on pattern recognition and computational learning theory. Although, these two concepts are an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, they play a huge role in developing machine learning that helps in providing products and services based upon the location, time or any other factor.

Instagram uses machine learning to identify the contextual meaning of emoji, which have been steadily replacing slang (for instance, a laughing emoji could replace “lol”).


AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or animals. A computer or a machine is termed to have AI when they are able to take conscious decisions that are generally associated with human mind. Learning and Problem-Solving form the two core aspects of machine learning.

What makes AI a very interesting tech field is its evolving nature because there are no boundaries or limits to this domain, making it one of the most interesting domains in Information Technology to work upon.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing covers the vast scope of computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services and makes them part of an ever expanding sharable network. With the increasing need of data and storage, cloud computing seems to have picked up the pace in the recent years. Therefore, it surely strikes as one of the best available IT skills that one should possess.

Internet of things (IoT)

IoT is about infusing technology into everyday objects to make it more easier to use while also allowing one to control them remotely. Smart lights and smart doors are the perfect examples of IoT. This field presents immense potential for IT professionals to develop a lucrative career option.

The above mentioned technology have just stated making its foot strong in reality. As all of them are in its evolving stage they provide a great scope for the IT Professionals.

Now it is your call. If you want to lose your job due to lack of skills, or you want to be the employer’s priority with a new set of skills upgraded in you!