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    Rajesh Academy is well known for its Best Electrical Engineering tuition in Marathahalli. The Electrical Engineering training session is developed to introduce students to the basic engineering principles underlying electrical engineering with emphasis on electronic-based design, operation and control of electrical machines, electric power systems, systems modelling, automation and control.

    Our training will also develop the students' ability to apply their knowledge in engineering analysis, design, simulation & control. This programme also helps students develop multi-disciplinary teamwork and leadership skills; as well as proficiency in written and oral communication. This programme covers a comprehensive range of programmes in electrical engineering

    Why To Choose Rajesh Academy For Best Electrical Engineering Tuition in Marathahalli Bangalore?

    Rajesh Academy provides students best tuition classes, this tuition services to students from 8th Class to graduation degree courses. We apply unconventional teaching methods to fix the inherent deficiencies of rote learning, and they have proven it to be more effective at helping students acquire and maintain knowledge while having a better understanding of it. Our teaching sessions and materials are thoughtfully prepared and classes are conducted by efficient and highly qualified teachers. Rajesh Academy engages students to help them enjoy the learning process, instead of dreading it. Rajesh Academy is one of the more affordable tuition centres in Bangalore. Visit Rajesh Academy a Best Electrical Engineering tuition centre in Marathahalli to find out more about our services.

    We also consider the requirement of students that might not be able to cope up with the other students all the time, therefore we provide,

    • Complimentary after class consultation. Students can clarify their doubts after class in a one-to-one manner. This allows students to more effectively grasp concepts they fail to understand during class.
    • In-house mock examination. Questions are carefully chosen/written to test concepts and techniques that are important to students’ upcoming examination, thereby also increasing students’ confidence.

    If you are tired of going through a number of Electrical Engineering tuition in Marathahalli and coaching classes? If you are looking for more affordable, and effective tuition options? Do give Rajesh Academy a try!

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Rajesh Academy is a leading IT and Non- IT courses training institute in Marathahalli. Since the past few years we have been instrumental in, guiding, providing the right skill sets and paving the right career path for thousands of students.
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