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9TH CBSE Computers

Rajesh Academy, Marathahalli has a team of teachers who are devoted to teaching and mentoring the students to build better world. Since its, establishment, Rajesh Academy has been at the forefront of the tuition industry in Marathahalli, Bangalore. It offers a wide range of subjects with a curriculum that is constantly updated and in line with the latest school syllabus.

From students who are excited to challenge themselves to students who need a little more guidance, we have the necessary programmes and materials to cater to each and every student. With our team of passionate teachers who strive to deliver the best lesson possible, no two lessons are ever the same at any of our sessions at the academy.

At Rajesh Academy, we believe that with our team of professional, passionate and proficient educators and quality tuition and coaching programmes, we are able to encourage our students to raise their score, to excel in their character and academics and make every child a champion in his own way.

The sessions for 9TH CBSE Computers are designed to help you develop a strong interest in the subject and in the process of learning, too. Materials actually feature elements of current affairs and incorporate real world skills like communication and critical thinking to help our students to get ready for life beyond class, too.

Each student is accessed as per their understanding of the subject, this helps us to categorise the students in order to tailor the session based not he requirement of the student. At Rajesh Academy, the students find it comfortable to study in a friendly atmosphere with a small group of pupils. This allows our teachers to not only pay closer attention to each student individually but also helps the student to get a better gist in the form of group discussion.

Choose Rajesh Academy to have a better career path.

Rajesh Academy is a leading IT and Non- IT courses training institute in Marathahalli. Since the past few years we have been instrumental in, guiding, providing the right skill sets and paving the right career path for thousands of students.
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